A PARAMEDIC rescued a couple after the car they were travelling in got stuck in floodwater yesterday.

Clive Shearman was heading for Droitwich when he discovered the couple in the car under a railway bridge near Hadzor.

Mr Shearman said he only found the Birmingham couple because he decided to take a short-cut to the station at about 7pm.

He said: "The car was in about two feet of water and it had started to seep into the vehicle. The couple didn't want to open the doors as it would have gushed in.

"It must have been quite scary - it was pitch black with no light at all in the area.

"I called for the fire service to come and assist in getting the couple out.

"About an hour had passed by the time we were finished and only one other car had come along that road. The couple could have been stuck there for a very long time.

"They were absolutely fine and very glad that I had come along when I did - it could only have been a couple of minutes after they got stuck that I came across them.

"I took them to a nearby pub where they waited for friends to come and rescue them and take them back to Birmingham.

"It really was a case of being in the right place at the right time."