THIRTEEN people were ordained to serve in parishes across the Diocese of Worcester.

Nine candidates were ordained Deacon in three separate services in the Cathedral and are entering their first year of training as a curate.

A further four candidates have completed their first year and were ordained Priest in their parish churches on Sunday; they are now able to preside at the Holy Communion.

The ordination services were led by the Bishop of Worcester, Dr John Inge or the Bishop of Dudley, Martin Gorick. The Revd Catherine Williams preached at the services for the deacons in the Cathedral having led the pre-ordination retreat for candidates.

Among those ordained deacon was Jess Fellows to serve at All Saints, Worcester, Lindsey Coulthard to serve at St Stephen Barbourne, Worcester, Rosie Moss to serve at St Nicholas, Warndon, Worcester, and Claire Billington to serve in Peopleton and White Ladies Aston with Churchill & Spetchley & Upton Snodsbury & Broughton Hackett

Among those ordained priest was Jonny Gordon, who serves at Great Malvern.

Bishop John said: “One of the great privileges of being a bishop is being able to ordain people who have discovered God’s love in Jesus and have heard His call to devote themselves to bringing that love to others. Not only the Church but all society will be hugely enriched as a result of their obedience to that call.”

Rosie Moss, who was an art teacher, said: "I would not have got to this point without the constant support and encouragement of my husband Geoff, and adult children Ed and Annie.

"I have relished my training so far and feel excited to continue learning and serving God in my new parish, where I have already been made so welcome."

Jonny Gordon added: "Being ordained priest this year is both very challenging and different to what I expected but also on reflection makes perfect sense in that the call to reflect Christ to a broken and messy world couldn’t be more needed than in our current crisis.

"This past year as a deacon has been an incredible journey and I’ve absolutely loved being able to serve the congregation of Malvern Priory and the people of Malvern. I’m excited for the next few years continuing in this ministry."

The service took place on Saturday, September 26 and Sunday, September 27.