SEVERAL areas in the city saw the number of positive coronavirus cases increase in the last week.

Ten cases were recorded in Dines Green and St John’s during the period and eight cases were recorded in Worcester Town North.

Nine cases were recorded in Lyppard Grange.

Eight cases were also recorded in both Worcester Town South and Battenhall and Diglis and a total of seven cases were recorded in each of Warndon East and Barbourne and Rainbow Hill.

Five cases were recorded in Lower Wick and Bromwich Road, Northwick recorded four cases and Henwick recorded three cases.

The latest data published by Public Health England shows which areas in Worcestershire have recorded three new cases or more between September 29 and October 5 – the latest data available.

The figures are split into several ‘middle super output areas’ – which is used by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). These zones are slightly larger than postcode areas with an average population of around 7,200 people.

Areas with fewer than two cases are not highlighted by Public Health England.

A total of 3,833 confirmed cases have been recorded in Worcestershire (as of October 9) according to Public Health England. Of those cases, 645 have been recorded in Worcester.