A WORCESTER cafe owner says it is “hanging on to survive” as the coronavirus situation gets worse.

Francini Osorio, the owner of Francini Cafe De Colombia in Angel Place, gave his reaction after latest figures showed footfall had been down in recent weeks, following concerns with the number of Covid-19 cases going up.

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Mr Osorio said: “It is really, really bad.

“We have lost a huge amount of money.

“I’m doing my best as an owner to keep the business open, but the income we are now getting is only just about keeping us above water.

“We used to have five staff almost all the time, and I am down to two people, three maximum.”

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) data shows the UK economy saw a growth in August, by 2.1 per cent, in part after people took advantage of the Eat Out to Help Out scheme.

But analysts say this figure was below expectations, with the economy still 9.2 per cent smaller overall due to coronavirus.

And latest ONS figures showed the West Midlands saw the largest decrease in footfall of all the region, after Wales, in the week up to October 4.

Mr Osorio said: “We did not have a bad summer here, but not enough to justify the amount of money you have to make, to keep the business going.

“We might get a good day, but the following day is very quiet.

“I think when people see bad news (such as cases rising), a lot of people then stop going out and it is very quiet.

“I see people in the cafe, I can see the stress, I can see the desperation, caused by all the uncertainty.

“It is very worrying. I’m a very optimistic person, but for the first time in my life I’m feeling lost.

“There is just no end to it.”

Andrew Warman, owner of Warmans sweet shop said: “Footfall has dropped off the last two to three weeks.

“After we reopened (following lockdown) things gradually picked up and were back to normal around August.

“Early September was good too, helped by the weather.

“But as the numbers with Covid are going up again, things are dropping off again.”

Toys and Games owner Vicky Evans added: “It’s been steady here last couple of weeks - some people have been getting ready for Christmas.”