COVID fatigue is everywhere.

People are sick of talking about it, thinking about it, and having life restricted.

It is inevitable and understandable, especially when the things that make life worth living are those most affected.

Concerts, sport, even the trip to the pub either now gone, or completely different to what we were once used to.

The issue is when fatigue sneaks in, people make bad choices.

Apathy in this time is dangerous.

If we have any hope of stopping this virus taking more lives, and livelihoods, we all have to play our part in this new normal.

Social distancing, mask wearing, making the sacrifices when the restrictions are there - it is all for a good reason.

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And we expect the government to step up too - getting a grip on testing and tracing, equipping the NHS to be able to cope, supporting businesses and its workers to get through this.

Yes, if that means bringing the full furlough scheme back - in the event of a second lockdown - that should happen.

No ifs, no buts.

For those who say we can't afford it, it can't be done - look at a country like Germany, who already have a furlough scheme in place until 2022.

If we don't want Covid to dominate, we all have to play our part this autumn and winter.