A LITTER picking session has taken place in a bid to make Evesham a ‘litter-free place.’

Former district councillor for Wychavon, Matt Snape, organised the session with a member of the Monster Raving Loony Party, Paul ‘Barmy’ Brockman.

The former councillor Mr Snape said that despite their political differences, they have always passionately believed in working together to tackle the problem of litter in Evesham South, which is why they adopted Woodlands as part of Wychavon’s Adopt A Street scheme.

The scheme encourages residents, community groups, businesses, and other organisations to choose a section of street or public land and then pledge to litter pick it on a regular basis.

In return, people are given their own dedicated litter picking kit to use and receive regular updates on the scheme as well as Wychavon’s anti-litter campaign.

There will also be opportunities to take part in community litter picks during the year.

Mr Snape said: “This was a productive litter-picking session that Barmy and I participated in.

“We managed to pick up a huge chunk of litter and Woodlands looks a lot better for it.

“If everyone adopted a street via Wychavon’s Adopt A Street scheme, we could all work together to make Evesham a litter-free place.

“We hope to return in the future to continue making Woodlands a litter-free place.”

Mr Brockman said: “I adopted Woodlands under the Wychavon District Council ‘adopt a street’ scheme because I live in Woodlands.

“As the official Monster Raving Loony Party candidate for this area I feel it important to ‘do your bit‘ especially as I launched the #MESS campaign, Make Evesham South Sillier.

“We would have designated Silly areas where people could feel free to be silly - we don’t want those #MESS areas to be messy, so I litter pick them.

“It was a Loony / Conservatives Coalition Coronavirus Litter Pick.

“Matt used to be our District Councillor and still retains a connection with the area, even though there is not an election on he still comes and helps out.”

The litter pick took place on Wednesday.

People and businesses across Wychavon have signed up to the district council’s Adopt a Street volunteer litter-picking scheme.

The project was launched in a bid to combat littering.