HOMES look likely to be allowed to be built on a doctor’s surgery car park despite concerns they will make traffic problems worse.

Severn Valley Medical Centre off Ankerage Green in Warndon has put forward plans to build six new homes on part of its overspill car park but neighbours have said they fear it will only bring further parking chaos to the area.

Worcester City Council’s planning committee meets next week to decide whether the plan should be approved in principle with a recommendation from council officers that it should get the go ahead.

In a report due to be discussed this Thursday (October 22), city council planning officers said the plan was an opportunity to build more homes on a sustainable brownfield site.

Officers also said it was aware that the homes could add to parking difficulties around the school and community centre but the land was owned by the doctor’s surgery.

“The site does offer the opportunity for housing on a brownfield site in a highly sustainable location in close proximity to essential services and infrastructure,” the report said.

“As such on balance, the application is recommended for approval with a clear steer for the retention of as much of the existing landscaping on the site during construction to help retain the contribution to the landscape quality of the area.”

Governors at Lyppard Grange Primary School said they were concerned the homes would bring even more parking trouble to already-congested streets and expected more parking to be made available rather than see it taken away.

Trustees at Lyppard Grange Community Centre objected to the plan saying that during school drop off and collection, Ankerage Green was “impassable” due to parked cars and building homes would make it worse and would prevent some of its fundraising events.

The doctor's surgery has said the overspill car park is "underused" and often wrongly seen as a car park for shops when it is in fact private and only for the use of patients.

Warndon Parish Council objected to the plan saying the land was not intended for homes and allowing them to be built would cause further parking chaos.

Warndon city and county councillor Andy Roberts said: “I object to this plan for housing.

“There is currently not enough space for the amount of traffic that comes to the area. Especially during school pick up and drop offs. Not to mention when coaches are waiting to take school children to and from events. It's a safety risk.

“Six houses with multiple cars could make parking more limited for the doctors, dentist or community centres.