PARENTS at two city schools say the lack of road space around the premises are putting their children in danger and not allowing enough space to social distance.

Sally Heyworth, a parent at St. George’s Catholic School in Thornloe Road, Barbourne is campaigning for the road outside the school to become ‘school safe.’

She said: “A number of school parents are very concerned about an accident occurring as well as the quality of the air in an area where our children are walking to school.

“Many of whom are walking with siblings toddling or in prams and pushchairs who are also obviously smaller and therefore closer to vehicle exhaust pipes.

“There are a number of safety issues with the way that the Riversides School transport park and leave engines idling when dropping children and collecting pupils.

“There are frequently taxis, and other vehicles parked illegally on double yellow lines, and also leaving their engines on for several minutes.

“There’s a group of parents, teachers and councillors who are working to address safety issues during school drop-off times, which to be frank the area is mess and unsafe for children.

“Just last week there was an accident involving a van knocking down a wall on a tight corner outside of the school gates.”

A second school on the same road also experiences the same difficulties.

Headteacher of the Riversides School, Ian Enwright said: “While we entirely support and understand the frustration felt by residents, and we always do all we can to make the arrival and leaving of pupils as smooth a process as possible, we are unfortunately limited by the roads in which we are sited.

“We would welcome any suggestions and support from highways England as to how we can improve the parking situation and still maintain the safety of our pupils.”

A spokesman for Worcestershire County Council said: “We are aware of the challenges faced by parents, carers and home to school transport providers at drop off and pick up times for both schools due to the physical constraints of the area.

“These issues have also been impacted by Covid-19 as in some cases it’s taking longer to welcome children onto school premises at drop off.

“We are looking into what options, although limited, are available to ease the issue and Cllr Andy Stafford will be liaising with schools on this.”