Supermarket bosses at Morrisons have released an update on the discount scheme for NHS workers across the country.

Here's everything you need to know.

When was the NHS discount introduced?

The 10 per cent discount was first introduced in April 2020, days after the country enetered the first national lockdown as a 'thank you to the hard-working health staff' from Morrisons.

What's the latest from Morrisons on the discount scheme for NHS workers?

In an update to shoppers, Morrisons said: "With hospitals again dealing with an increased number of coronavirus cases, NHS staff are supporting the country through the next stage of the pandemic. Morrisons is therefore to extend the discount."

What else are Morrisons doing for NHS workers?

As well as receiving a discount in Morrisons stores, NHS workers are also able to make use of it while ordering a home delivery through They simply have to sign up for the Morrisons NHS Club to receive the discount. 

To make sure NHS staff can get hold of the groceries they need, Morrisons also offer an NHS hour at the beginning of every day from 6am-7am.

On Sundays, the majority of stores open at 9am for hard working NHS workers to shop.

What have bosses of Morrisons said?

David Potts, Morrisons Chief Executive said: “We want to continue to support all those in the National Health Service and show our appreciation for the fearless work they undertake daily.

"We hope alongside our other measures, shopping can be a little bit easier for our vital NHS staff.”

How does the NHS workers discount scheme work?

To benefit from the 10 per cent discount, NHS staff need to present their NHS ID card in all Morrisons stores.