A number of high street and online retailers including the likes of Amazon, Halfords and Matalan have issued urgent safety notices and product recalls on a number of items.

We've put together a round-up of the latest products to be recalled and have safety notices issued.

What have Halfords issued a safety notice on?

Halfords have issued a safety notice their Groovy reclinable system and Guppy maxi plus reclinable system.

The company says there is a potential risk when used with excessive load, during extreme conditions, with incorrect use, and without the frame seatbelt properly installed.

Worcester News:

The items affected are:

  • Guppy maxi plus reclinable system RS+
  • Groovy reclinable system RS+

The products affected by the recall were produced only between January 17, 2020 and July 11, 2020, and with a label including one of the set of numbers listed below:

0001573836, 0001574854, 0001574963, 0001574964, 0001575577, 0001576610, 0001577333, 0001577704, 0001577705, 0001577790, 0001577794, 0001577795, 0001578274, 0001578340, 0001578342, 0001578343, 0001578592, 0001578674, 0001578839, 0001578840, 0001579737, 0001579942, 0001579943, 0001581260, 0001581261, 0001582305, 0001582624, 0001582830, 0001582889, 0001582965, 0001582966, 0001583060, 0001583357, 0001583359, 0001583360, 0001583361, 0001583372, 0001583397, 0001583398, 0001584755, 0001584756, 0001584757, 0001584758, 0001584759, 0001584761, 0001584762, 0001584784, 0001584794, 0001584796, 0001584896, 0001585635, 0001585643, 0001585644, 0001586177, 0001586185, 0001586188 and 0001586381.

Halfords said: "The potential issue is only when using these child-seats in extreme conditions as per example: big road holes, jumps and off-road ways with an excessive load than the one indicated in the product user manual - 22 kg, and without the frame seatbelt properly installed."

More details on the safety notice can be found at: http://washford.a.bigcontent.io/v1/static/Polysport_Safety_Notice.

What have Matalan issued a safety notice on?

The fashion and homewares chain have issued a safety notice on pom pom socks.

Worcester News:

The items affected are:

  • Rib Ankle Pom Pom Socks Blue - C134573
  • Ankle Pom Pom Sock Pink - C134574

The products were on sale from February 24, 2020 to August 24, 2020.

Matalan said: "It has come to our attention that the above Pom Pom Socks do not meet our usual high standards for quality and safety as the pom poms may become detached, which could present a choking hazard.

"As customer safety is our highest priority, we are immediately recalling these Pom Pom Socks.

"If you've bought any of the above Pom Pom Socks, please do not use the products and return them at your earliest convenience to your nearest Matalan store where our staff will be happy to give you a full refund. You will not need to produce a receipt to claim a refund.

"If you have bought the above for someone else or know someone who has one then please let them know immediately about this notice.

"We pride ourselves on delivering great quality at great prices and we're really sorry for any inconvenience caused."

No other Matalan products are affected.

Those who have any queries, should call 0333 0044444, or email cs@matalanonline.co.uk.

"We wish to thank you for your co-operation and we once again apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you. We look forward to welcoming you back to Matalan soon," Matalan added.

What has been recalled from Amazon?

Worcester News:

The brand Ikasa have recalled their Large Plush Teddy Bears due to a risk of suffocation.

The product in question is their 'Large brown plush teddy bear with heart patterned presentation bag and ribbon'.

The item is vacuumed packed in plastic packaging and was sold online, in particular via Amazon.

Product details:

  • Type / number of model: 6636521
  • Barcode: ASIN: X000VDYLTP
  • Batch numberL: H8-ST5K-1Z19
  • Risk type: Suffocation

A statement by the European Commission, who issued the recall, said: "The plastic of the packaging is too thin. If a child plays with the packaging, the plastic can cover the mouth and nose, causing the child to suffocate.

"The product does not comply with the requirements of the Toy Safety Directive and the relevant European standard EN 71-1."

What other recalls have been issued?

Wiltshire-based company Neptune have issued a recall over their Chetham and Milton lamps.

Worcester News:

In a statement, Neptune said: "We’re really sorry to say we’ve recently found a problem with our Chetham reading and swing-arm floor lamps and our Milton desk lamp (as pictured below).  

"If you own one, it’s very important that you stop using your lamp for now. 

"Despite all the measures we take with our designs, very, very occasionally a problem might crop up later down the line.

"In the case of these lamps, we’ve discovered that the protective casing around the internal wires could become damaged through repeated rotation. Although this hasn’t caused any incidents to date, we ask, for reasons of safety, that you don’t use the lamp. Please unplug it and make sure it can’t accidentally be switched on.

"We can either exchange your lamp for another design in our collection or give you a full refund – just let us know which you’d prefer. We’re commited to protecting the environment wherever we can, so want to reassure you that we’ll be disassembling all returned lamps and recycling them.

"So we can find the best way for you to get your lamp back to us, simply get in touch with us at jamie@neptune.com or on 01793 427450 or if you prefer you can return it to your nearest store. 

"We’re so sorry for causing you any problems – rest assured that a product recall isn’t an event that happens very often at Neptune."