FRUSTRATED residents of a Worcester suburb say boy racers are making their lives hell.

Once again, boy racers are reportedly wreaking havoc on the residents of Warndon Villages by speeding down the A4440.

A mother of a newborn said the noise from loud exhausts late at night is making her life a misery. She said: "Almost every Sunday at around 10 o clock they meet up at KFC and then treat Warndon Villages as their private race track, It can be heard by residents far and wide.

"Luckily it doesn’t wake my son as we have a white noise machine, it does however wake me up and with a newborn you are awake enough as it is without being kept awake during feeds.

"No-one likes getting up for work on a Monday but they make that even worse by keeping everyone awake, it honestly sounds like a race track, I dread to think the speed they are going. I’m not sure what the police do but it’s obviously not enough of a deterrent as it’s been going on for such a long time. I even got acoustic glazing to help with the road noise and can still hear it clear as day."

Inspector Dave Troth said: “Late on Sunday evening we received a number of calls from residents local to the A4440 reporting anti-social driving. Officers attended and we will be following up on the information we gained as a result of enquiries and contact from the local community.

“There is a huge difference between being passionate about driving, meeting with like-minded people as a hobby and dangerous and anti-social driving. Where people’s lives are being put at risk and there is disruption to the community we will not tolerate it.

“Across Worcestershire we are putting a significant amount of work into tackling the issues and addressing the, understandable, concerns of the local communities. We’re working with colleagues at West Midlands Police who have been extremely successful in tackling similar issues and we took part in an operation with them in North Worcestershire in the summer.

“Working with the local councils and our road safety team we are examining the options for additional cameras and looking at potential educational activity for those who may not see the risks. We’re also encouraging anyone who has dashcam footage of dangerous driving to send it to us via Operation Snap on our website.”

Last year Warndon Villages resident Andy Graham started an online petition after numerous attempts to persuade local authorities to act on the problem “but nothing gets done."

He said many “souped-up” cars and bikes take part in the meetings, and he believes the drivers are from outside the area.

“I often get woken up about midnight or one o’clock, as they’re doing circuits. When you get woken up, it’s hard to get back to sleep and by the time you get to work the next day, you’re absolutely shattered. At the bare minimum, it’s keeping people awake at night but residents on the main strips used aren’t safe to go outside at a certain hour as somebody could come speeding around a corner at any second.

“We haven’t had an accident yet, but by the law of averages we will do. It might be one of the drivers and we don’t wish for that to happen."

Councillor Andy Roberts has been campaigning about the issues for years. He said: "They are an absolute pain. An example of a very small number of people pursuing their pleasure in total disregard of thousands of local people. I hope the police can act though I recognise their difficulties. In the meantime I will continue to press for consistent speed limits for the A4440."