HERE is the latest on the roadworks in St John’s.

The A44 will re-open westbound from this afternoon (Friday.)

The bus services will resume its usual service from tomorrow.

Bromwich Lane will go back to its usual one way layout.

There will be a three way temporary traffic light system in operation at Malvern Road junction for two to three weeks.

Works will then cease completely until January 2021 according to Worcestershire Highways.

The works are a part of the multi million pound scheme to relieve congestion in the city and have been ongoing since May.

Councillor Alan Amos, cabinet member for Highways said he was pleased with the progress of the county's Relieving Congestion programme.

However, the roadworks have been shunned by the community for causing traffic chaos and keeping them up at night.

City councillor Richard Udall, who represents St John’s ward, says the traffic queues in St John’s have been “horrendous.”

He said: "I have heard from residents how frustrated and upset they were when it took them over an hour to get home to St John’s and across the river. There were cases where students were left at school and couldn’t be picked up by their parents on time.

Residents also complained that they couldn't sleep when the resurfacing works was going on through the night.

“The noise is so horrific it can be heard from over a mile away.

“People from Dines Green have complained to me about the noise. People living above the shops have been in tears to me saying they’ve not been able to sleep all week due to the level of the noise."

Cllr Udall also argues the new pathways are far too narrow to enable wheelchair use and are also a threat to social distancing in the current Coronavirus pandemic.

He said: “I always opposed the proposals for St John’s, for many reasons, including the idea to narrow the footpaths, but now I have seen what has been done I am even more angry.

“We have been left with a ribbon of footpath, a sliver of what was previously present."

What do you think of the roadworks?