LETTER writer Keith Sayers certainly stirred up debate among readers when he asked whether plans for a new footbridge across the Severn in Worcester were really necessary.

We reported earlier this week that the planned foot and cycle bridge would connect St John’s via Bromwich Road and Slingpool Walk and the city centre via Severn Street next to Diglis Hotel.

The single span structure will lead onto an additional route above the highest flood level to connect St John’s and the city centre if the river bursts its banks.

Designed for walker and cyclists, the bridge will bring locals and tourists straight into the city’s Cultural Quarter – home of Worcester Cathedral, the Museum of Royal Worcester, Henry Sandon Hall and The Commandery.

Fundraising for the £4 million Chapter Meadows Bridge project has already started with a hope it will be backed as part of the Government’s MyTown fund.

Mr Sayers wrote: “Do we need yet another foot bridge in Worcester?

“Please tell me this is joke. Absolute disgraceful waste of money!”

Worcester News:

VIEW: The view from the proposed Chapter Meadows Bridge across the River Severn. Picture: Jason Goodlad

Website commenters seemed to be in agreement, although for differing reasons.

I-cycle wrote: “A far bigger priority is to provide safe walking and cycling routes for getting around the city.

“For example there’s no point in this or the Keepax bridge unless they link to onward routes. The top priority must be to make it possible to cycle through the city centre.”

Thesquirrel added: “I’m all for bridges and a big supporter of the Kepax one. But this one is a proper eyesore, due to the fact it needs to be elevated for use during floods.

“I would prefer to see the money spent restoring the beautiful bridge at Bevere island and a new bridge built the other side. Would be great for walkers to get across the river.”

she19515 hrs ago posted: “Easy access for king school to get to their playing fields”, to which Dirt Devil responded: “Which is why it WILL happen”

ODC added: “Business are moving out of the city and shops out of the high street, we should be spending money improving the road networks to accommodate the extra drivers.

“Most planned commercial and domestic builds are and will be happening in a more spaced out way. The current build plans for Worcester and Malvern require people to drive not walk.”

Sidney13x wrote: “It will be interesting to see the actual logistics of a bridge at the Severn Street end and the Diglis House car park. Not to mention the use of Michael Baker Boathouse steps for launching the river search and rescue craft when someone is in the river...

“Chapter Meadows flood over a considerable distance, in necessity it will be a huge structure then and totally out of character for that part of the riverside.

In this day and times, the money could be better spent on helping those who need support rather than turning Worcester into Venice!”

enginefarm2 echoed Mr Sayers’ sentiments: “I personally have never seen pedestrians or cyclists queuing to use any of the river bridges in Worcester however I regularly see and are stuck in congestion using both of the road bridges.

“This conclusively demonstrates the type of additional bridge required (and I don’t think that many people outside of WCC are gullible enough to think that the current widening of the Carrington bridge will be adequate for existing traffic demand).”

On Facebook, Charlie Rowberry echoed the thoughts of many when he posted: "Why not complete the bypass then you wouldn’t need another bridge?"

Marlene Herbert offered an opinion for the best site: "Bottom of Tybridge Street to go into Town other main bridge to come out, Simple,job done."

William G Blake said: "Brilliant idea. Need another one up near Claines also. Encourage people to walk and cycle more in Worcester."

Mark Dawson posted: "In that area probably be an eyesore! It’s a logical place to put it but ultimately what is needed is to complete the orbital and get vehicular traffic out of the city as best possible! This is from a motorist/motorcyclist! But let’s face it, they’ll go for the cheaper option and not what’s actually best for Worcester/Worcestershire!"

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