THE Mazda website says of the latest MX-5: “The legendary Mazda MX-5 is back to conquer your heart all over again.

“Enhanced in just the right details: lightweight, incredibly agile, handling like a roadster. The most athletic and exhilarating interpretation of Jinba Ittai design, the Mazda MX-5 drives like it’s part of you – making you want to stay longer on the road.”

And it’s a message Paul Grant was already well aware of as already the owner of not one but two MX-5s – the mk4 version since 2016 and a mk2, which he has lovingly looked after for 20 years.

Worcester News:

Paul owns two Mazda MX-5s

The Worcester Car Club member, who lives in Malvern, said: “I believe I’ve taken the mk4 to a level that only a few would boldly go to...” and it’s hard to disagree with the sentiment when you see the LED conversion and accent lighting the motor is adorned with.

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“It’s my daily driver and I also take it to events, meets and drives,” he said. “My family? They think I’m nuts!”

Worcester News:

Paul says his dream vehicle is the BMW i8 Convertible, and anything McLaren powered gets the thumbs up.

The most famous movie vehicle he’d like to get behind the wheel of? The DeLorean, as beloved by so many after its appearance in Back To The Future – “just because!”