A CAMPAIGN is set to be launched to get individuals moving and to speak out and look after their mental well-being.

Chris Orr, Worcestershire Ambassadors board director, is leading the Walk the Walk campaign after he battled with his own mental health during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Orr said: “The inspiration for the campaign came from the fact that - everyone has had a rubbish year thanks to COVID-19 - but I really struggled with my own mental health for personal reasons on top of all of that. I found everything really difficult, but taking the dog for a walk during my ‘one hour exercise’ slot became the thing I got out of bed for.


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“It helped me clear my mind, and made me feel a little bit better because I was doing something active, and getting out in the fresh air. I was also probably boring the dog by talking to him about my feelings. Since then, I've tried to carry that on and also use it as a chance to talk to actual people about me, and about how they're doing - by walking and talking with them - either in person as allowed, or over the phone. I think it has helped me - and others - feel better.”

The 2021 campaign is designed to encourage individuals to enjoy gentle exercise, to take time with friends and family, to talk to each other, and to feel comfortable talking about their mental health.

Worcestershire Ambassadors want to do their part to help everyone in Worcestershire to build their resilience, protect their well-being, and to be able to ask for help when they need it.

The campaign, which aims to raise £20,000, is designed to allow as many individuals in the county as possible to take part. Every person is asked to record the number of miles they have walked each month, so that they can collectively walk from the Earth to the Moon (238,900 miles).

All the profits made from the campaign will be invested in Worcestershire to support services, programmes and initiatives the encourage good mental health and well-being for everyone.