THIS time five years ago a takeaway delivery driver was choked until he nearly passed out during a violent street robbery in Worcester.

Dean Glazzard was jailed for five years and Travis Attwood for three years at Worcester Crown Court for their part in a robbery which left the victim frightened to go to work and reluctant to leave his home.

Glazzard, aged 37, of no fixed address, and Attwood, aged 20, of Tyle Teg, Clydach, Swansea both admitted the robbery outside a home in Cheviot Close, Tolladine, Worcester at around 12.30am on November 28 2015.

Glazzard further admitted a house burglary on December 4 2015 in Rainbow Hill during which a detached house was 'ransacked' and precious jewellery, an iPad, an iPod and a camera with a combined value of £600 were stolen.

Again, the victim was traumatised, so much so that she has moved house.

The court heard how Wahid Hussain was a delivery driver at Altafs Balti in Tolladine Road, Worcester when he was robbed.

Michael Aspinall, prosecuting, said when Mr Hussain arrived at Cheviot Close he noticed a man with a black hoodie, the hood pulled over his head.

A second man, also wearing a dark hoodie, walked to the other side of the car. Glazzard said to Mr Hussain that 'Altafs owes us money' but the driver told him he would have to take that up with the management.

Mr Aspinall said: "Mr Attwood got Mr Hussain in a headlock and he described himself as being choked. While Mr Attwood had him in this headlock Mr Glazzard demanded money and took out Mr Hussain's wallet. Mr Hussain said he didn't have any money and there was nothing in his wallet. He applied more pressure to the choke hold and Mr Hussain said it was even harder to breathe."

As more pressure was applied he revealed there was £15 in his back pocket.

Glazzard searched the car, taking a mobile phone and demanding to know the code which Mr Hussain supplied before the defendants ran off.

In a victim personal statement Mr Hussain said since the incident he had been 'on edge' and 'uneasy'.

He said: "I have given up delivering food. Now I feel it's no longer worth the risk. I don't expect to be subjected to such violence.

"I have a young family to think about. It's in my mind it might happen again. Since this happened I go out a lot less. I didn't go to hospital but I received bruising and I was very close to passing out from being strangled."

Mr Hussain's mobile phone contained family photos and business contacts which have been lost.

Janet Stockburn had locked her detached house in Rainbow Hill, Worcester at 1pm on December 4 2015.

She returned three hours later at about 4pm to find all the drawers in the kitchen were open and the bottom panel of a door had been damaged, creating enough space for someone to crawl inside.

All the other rooms in the house had been searched and an iPad 3 and an iPod Nano had been stolen and a jewellery box in her bedroom emptied.

Stolen from the box were silver bracelets, earrings, a gold wedding band and a quantity of amber jewellery.

Glazzard, linked to the scene via footwear impressions, was arrested on the day and declined to answer questions in interview.

Attwood had previously pleaded guilty to handling goods stolen during that burglary.

In a statement Ms Stockburn said this was the fourth time she had been burgled.

She said: "I feel I have no choice but to move house. I no longer feel safe in my own home."

She was so upset she was taken to A&E at Shrewsbury while visiting her sister suffering from heart palpitations.

Some of the stolen jewellery had belonged to her great grandmother which she could now no longer pass on to her own children.

Glazzard had 22 previous convictions for 102 offences, his offending history starting in 1993. He also has previous burglary offences (this was his fourth one) and was jailed for six years for an attempted robbery and grievous bodily harm in February 15, 2002.

He was only released from a custodial sentence on November 23 2015.

Attwood has 22 convictions for 33 offences which began as when he was a juvenile in 2007. He had no previous robberies on his record.

Henry Skudra, representing Attwood, said his client was only 19 years old when he committed the robbery and had been 'foolhardy' and 'easily led'.

He added: "His youth means there is still some hope for him. This will be his first significant custodial sentence."

Sam Lamsdale, defending Glazzard, said: "Unfortunately he has been addicted to street drugs, class A and class B. He had an extremely difficult childhood in foster homes and children's homes. He has spent the majority of his adult life in custody. He's almost at a point where you might consider him institutionalised."

She asked the judge to give him full credit for his early guilty plea.

His Honour Judge Daniel Pearce-Higgins QC said the impact upon Mr Hussain was considerable and led to him giving up his job although he did not suffer major injury.

He said the owner of the burgled house 'has been significantly upset by this offence and has had to move house' and he must bear in mind both the financial and sentimental value of the jewellery.

Glazzard will have some time shaved off his sentence (25 and a half days) for time spent on remand and in custody.

Speaking after the hearing the manager of Altafs Balti, Kam Aziz, said they would report to police instances where their staff were physically and verbally abused.

He said: "We are happy with the sentence. This was someone just trying to do their job."