AN 'arrogant' teenager started a mass brawl at the Hive as security guards were punched and kicked, suffering broken bones and black eyes.

The fight was instigated by Jamie Wells who had already been banned from the Hive in Sawmill Walk, Worcester, for making threats to stab the same security guard and smash his face in.

Later his friend, Nathan Woodage, waded into the fight during the episode of violence which lasted around 10 minutes. The fight began in the toilets before it spilled outside and was described as 'utterly disgraceful' by the judge.

However, both men were spared them jail at Worcester Crown Court on Friday.

Wells,19, of Kineton Road, Redditch, and Nathan Woodage, also 19, of Treville Close, Redditch, had already admitted affray following the brawl on February 21 last year which left two security guards - Alexander Bleakney and Robert Patrick - with injuries.

Both security guards said they no longer wanted to come into Worcester because of what happened and one said he did not want to go to Redditch because he knew the defendants lived there.

Omar Majid, prosecuting, said it was approaching closing time at around 9.30pm when five males and two females entered the library. One of them was Wells, then aged 17, who was already banned for causing a disturbance there a month earlier.

Wells had 'made threats to Mr Bleakney, saying he was going to stab him, smash his face and smash his car', the prosecutor said.

When Wells entered he was approached by Mr Bleakney, told he was not allowed in and was banned for his previous conduct to which the defendant replied: "That was ages ago." Wells then said 'remove me then!'.

Again he was told to leave and Wells replied 'remember what I said to you last time' and once more threatened to stab the security guard.

Mr Bleakney described the defendant as raising his first before trying to punch him so that the security guard grabbed his right arm to protect himself.

"The security guard tried to take hold of the defendant in order to prevent him from attacking him and tried to put him on the floor in a controlled manner to restrain him. "At that point various individuals who were with Mr Wells and who had come into the toilets came running over and what essentially followed was a mass brawl during which time the security guards were punched" said Mr Majid.

Mr Bleakney was punched twice in the face by Wells and a blow followed to the back of his head which came from Woodage.

The struggle continued in the toilet area with the security guards described as 'clearly outnumbered' with 'blows landing from all sides'. Youths have already been sentenced for their role in the violence which spread to the foyer towards the entrance as the group 'continued to be aggressive'.

Mr Bleakney accepted that he had punched Wells because he thought he was going to be attacked again.

"Mr Wells and Mr Woodage approached the security staff and punched and kicked those two individuals" said the prosecutor.

Injuries to Mr Bleakney included a broken metacarpal (broken hand) which he described as 'very painful' and a lump on the back of his head.

He attended hospital, the fracture was identified and the hand put in plaster.

In a victim personal statement he said he was not able to work for two months and feared returning to the Hive.

Mr Patrick suffered a large bruise over his left eye and on his forehead. The bruising from his black eye extended to his nose. He also suffered bruising to the back of his head.

In a victim personal statement he said he did not want to take his young family into Worcester anymore and fears the individuals coming back.

Judge Martin Jackson told the defendants: "The two of you behaved in an utterly disgraceful manner."

He drew a distinction between Wells who 'caused the trouble' and Woodage who became involved later.

"Instead of doing the sensible thing and walking away you started confronting security guards and trying basically to pick a fight" he told Wells.

He added: "This was a completely inexcusable incident."

Speaking of Wells he said: "You seem to have an arrogant and confrontational attitude but nowadays it does seem you have recognised that the best thing to do is to walk away."

The judge said he would have been justified in sentencing the pair to youth detention

but accepted that both men had expressed regret and had matured since the brawl.

Wells was sentenced to an 18 month community order with 25 rehabilitation activity requirement days and 120 hours of unpaid work.

Woodage was also handed an 18 month community order and must go to a senior attendance centre for 24 hours and complete up to 12 rehabilitation activity requirement days. He must complete 80 hours of unpaid work. Wells must pay £400 compensation to Mr Bleakney and £100 to Mr Patrick. Woodage must pay £200 to Mr Bleakney and £100 to Mr Patrick.

To prioritise the compensation no order was made for costs and no victim surcharge was ordered.