This stunning image shows a beam being lifted over the river at Carrington Bridge.

The lift was scheduled on Saturday [October 24] but was cancelled due to high wind speeds.

The huge steel girders - which are new to the UK but widely used across the rest of the world - are said to be more weather resistant.

The new bridge runs parallel to the existing A4440 and has been installed with the road fully open.

The work is part of the fourth and final phase of the scheme to fully dual the A4440 Southern Link Road from Junction 7 of the M5 to the Powick roundabout.

The frame that will form the main bridge will be constructed in sections onsite before being lifted into place over a number of weeks.

Work has already taken place with the two huge concrete bridge piers and two supports - which the steel span will sit on - put in place earlier this year.

Once the steel span is in place, over 100 five-tonne concrete planks will be laid to form the bridge with concrete then poured in.

Work to join the bridge to the road that has already been constructed, which includes the widened Powick viaduct, will begin early next year.

The A4440 Southern Link Road is used by over 30,000 people each weekday and is one of the county’s busiest stretches of road.