SIR – I and many neighbours have become increasingly alarmed at the effect of loud fireworks in residential areas.

I intended to put a petition on the Parliamentary Petition on-line site, however, three similar appeals have been posted and it would counterproductive to split support.

My petition would have called a limit on the noise of fireworks on sale to the public to 90 decibels. Currently it is 120 DbA – equivalent to a jet plane taking off, but with a sudden impact.

This would not ban fireworks, or the spectacular fireworks used at formal displays, but it would reduce the impact on pets and nervous people in their homes. One petition posted goes further than I would do, wanting to ‘limit the sale and use of fireworks to organisers of licensed displays only’ (link below).

This year, on the assumption that Covid-19 might prevent organised displays, it is possible that even more people will be tempted to let off fireworks in their garden. So be it, but please spare a thought for others when you decide what to buy.

Petition link -

Cllr Andy Roberts