A QUIZMASTER is set to be sentenced for making indecent images of children at Worcester Crown Crown today.

Marc Knowles, 36, of Saunders Street, Worcester, was originally charged for the offences three years ago, but the hearing has suffered lengthy delays.

He is accused of making 56 indecent images of children at category A (the most serious category) between February 18 and December 20, 2017.

Knowles is further charged with making 215 indecent images at category B between the same dates and 572 indecent photographs of a child at category C between November 1 and December 20, 2017.

Knowles, who was a 'quizmaster' at pubs around Worcester including the New Inn in Ombersley Road and The Talbot in Barbourne, has never had the charges formally put to him in court, but has made admissions in interview.

Knowles is set to appear in court 1 this afternoon, listed for a plea and sentencing hearing.

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Meanwhile, in the same court this morning, Daniel Matthews, 28 - the prisoner who denies assaults on eight prison officers at HMP Long Lartin and HMP Bristol - is set to appear via videolink to give evidence in his trial.

Elsewhere at Worcester Crown Court, in court 2, Lester Caine is to appear for a plea and trial preparation hearing, and Bradley Gunn is listed for committal for sentence,

And in court 3 the trial of Allan Day continues.

Not all the cases that appear on the list would be of limited interest to the public or press. They include bail applications, administrative hearings and mentions.

One of the courts is remote which means parties including barristers and defendants appear over videolink rather than in person.