A MAN has launched a desperate appeal for information after he says his Land Rover was stolen from outside his Worcester home.

Tim Hardisty, awoke on Monday morning to find his beloved Land Rover Defender was missing from outside his house on Ombersley Road.

Mr Hardisty said he is very angry that the £8000 vehicle has been taken and he has reported it to police.

If you see the vehicle or have nay information, please contact the police on 101 or online.

Earlier this month we reported on an attempted car theft within a 1.5 mile radius of this more recent incident.

The owner was left feeling worried and angry after a thief tried to steal his £90,000 Porsche as well as another vehicle from outside his home.

Stephen Harris’ CCTV captured a person dressed in a hooded jumper attempting to steal his Porsche and Mitsubishi Browning in Worcester on October 11 as he slept.

Mr Harris said: “Something freaked him out. He’s managed to open the car without setting the alarm off - you can’t just hotwire a Porsche so he must have had some technology to try and drive it off.

“It’s left me feeing worried and angry - will thieves come back again to have another go?”

“He tried both my motors first, then went back to his ruck sack to get his equipment.”

Despite this figures show vehicle crime in Worcestershire actually dropped this year due to the impact of coronavirus.

According to police data from UK CrimeStats there were 173 vehicle crimes, which include thefts of or from vehicles, between January and June in Worcester, with a sharp drop during lockdown.

The last five months of 2019 show there were 192 vehicle crimes in the city.

Police and crime commissioner John Campion welcomed the news, saying: “I am reassured to see low rates of vehicle crime in our communities.

"This is good news, but there is always more to be done.”