Do you believe in ghosts?

Even the biggests sceptics might be converted after hearing spooky stories from Worcester.

The city is supposedly home to a lot of spooky entities and haunted places.

Ye Olde Talbot on Friar Street is said to be a haunted pub in the region and The Commandery is said to be inhabited by a Duke.

You might be aware of these local haunts and you may even have visited some of them.

However, how well do you know the ghosts that are said to haunt these locations?

Entities at these locations have been regularly spotted by several people- some of them have even been given their own nickname.

Here are some well-known ghosts which are said to haunt Worcestershire and where you can find them on your own ghost hunts:

The ghost of Sid
Where is the ghost said to haunt:
The King’s Head, Sidbury, Worcester

Sid is the cheeky ghost said to haunt this Sidbury pub.

Locals say they have spotted the ghost walking through walls- most accounts say he is wearing period clothing and pantaloons.

Pub landlords think he is responsible for turning beer barrels off, ringing bells, tilting pictures and shutting doors.

The Duke of Hamilton
Where is the ghost said to haunt:
The Commandery, Worcester

Worcester News: The CommanderyThe Commandery

(Photo: Geograph/ Derek Bradley)

Fancy some royal spectral company? Then head to The Commandery in Worcester.

The Duke of Hamilton died here after the Battle of Worcester and he is said to haunt the solar room.

People who have visited also report that stones have been thrown at them and a clock used to fly off the mantlepiece before it was moved.

Could this be the antics of the Duke’s ghost?

Bert the ghost
Where is the ghost said to haunt: The Mug House, Claines Lane

A ghost nicknamed ‘Bert’ is said to haunt this 15th century building.

Customers claim to have heard him wandering around the upper part of the building.

One landlady at the pub said the mischievous spirit would regularly smash glasses and move things.

Tom Bates and a Grey Lady
Where is the ghost said to haunt:
Worcestershire Royal Hospital

Worcester News: Inside the hospitalInside the hospital

(Photo: Geograph/ Chris Allen)

This hospital is said to be haunted by Tom Bates, who was a former surgeon in the early 1900s.

The ghostly figure has been seen walking through a closed door into the Jenny Lind Chapel.

However, he isn’t the only spooky figure reputed to haunt the halls.

There is said to be a Grey Lady in the lower parts of the building.

Sir Richard Carbury
Where is the ghost said to haunt: Priory House office, Droitwich

Sir Richard Carbury, the man who was stabbed to death by his fiancée in the 17th Century, is reputed to haunt this building.

Staff have reported taps turning on by themselves and have also spotted some ghostly figures in the building.

However, the ghost is only said to return to the building every 50 years.

Have you ever spotted anything paranormal in Worcester? Let us know in the comments.