THE jury is set to retire today in the trial of a 'violent’ prisoner accused of wounding prison officers with improvised weapons.

Daniel Matthews denies the assaults on eight prison officers at HMP Long Lartin near Evesham and HMP Bristol that allegedly took place on February 23 last year, and January 10 this year respectively.

Yesterday he took to the stand to give evidence with the 28-year-old saying he had been “set up” and it was self defence as he was “protecting himself”, as he feared for his life.

But in cross examination he was challenged on his account with Tom Kenning, prosecuting, saying Matthews thought about violence and planned it, proved by the fact he made the weapon - which Matthews denied.

Prosecution and defence finished their closing arguments yesterday, and Judge James Burbridge began summing up the case, yesterday focusing on the law.

That is set to continue this morning, before the jury are sent out to deliberate their verdict.

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Also in court 1 of Worcester Crown Court a new trial, of Jack Rowley, is scheduled to get underway.

Being heard in front of Judge Nicolas Cartwright, the trial is expected to last two days.

In court 2 Kamil Wolczek is listed for a plea and trial preparation hearing, and Callum Neale is listed for an application to rescind grant of bail.

And in court 3 Allan Day's trial continues.

Not all the cases that appear on the list would be of limited interest to the public or press. They include bail applications, administrative hearings and mentions.

One of the courts is remote which means parties including barristers and defendants appear over videolink rather than in person