GARDENERS have been left heartbroken following a spate of vandalism attacks at a popular Worcester allotment site.

Perdiswell allotment site was vandalised on Tuesday night (October 27). This came after another sabotage on Friday (October 23) and Saturday night.

One resident, Laura Maddock, was one of the victims of the attack.

Laura said the vandals smashed her shed with a sledgehammer which has put a hole in the side of her shed and has destroyed all the windows.

Her gate was also damaged along with two fence panels.

A children’s swing was thrown on top of the shed, but nothing was stolen.

Laura said: “Green houses have been smashed, polytunnels have been ripped, sheds tipped over, fences smashed and pumpkins were lined up and smashed.

“No other word really other than smashed!

“I've been there for four years and although sheds have been broken into and the odd thing has been stolen there hasn’t been this much vandalism in such a short space of time and on several nights in a row.”

Laura, from Worcester, said everyone feels “gutted” following the damage.

She added: “A lot of people spend a lot of time at the allotments and put their heart and soul into their plots.

“It's heart-breaking to see your work destroyed for no reason. Especially annoying for the plot holders who had panes of glass broken Friday night, who then spent Saturday cleaning up and repairing damages just to go back Sunday morning and find the same damage all over again plus more.

“Things can be repaired, but it's the time and energy that all these things take that is the upsetting bit.

“The inspiring thing is that the allotment is an amazing community. Saturday morning everyone was helping each other and trying to keep each other’s spirits up. If this keeps happening tenant's will not see the point of repairing the damage.

“It would be amazing if readers who live in the local area would keep an eye out for any odd behaviour. Tenants are thinking of doing patrols themselves, but it is a very large site and there are a lot of hiding places.”

Sheds were destroyed, panes of greenhouse glass were smashed all over the ground, guttering was ripped off a shed, a wooden shed was overturned, and a box of screws and nails were left scattered everywhere.

If you saw anything related to the vandalism attack, call the police on 101 and quote 00159_I_25102020.