WITH the witching hour close at hand and the arrival of Halloween tomorrow, we thought we’d take a wander around Worcester’s streets in pursuit of some of the city’s ghostly tales.

And with the invaluable help of the Worcester Life Stories team, co-led by Sheena Payne-Lunn, we’ve come up with a few stories that you might not have heard of (as well as a couple you probably have).

All of the stories here are mentioned in the latest weekly Worcester Life Stories quiz, which can be found here.

This week’s quiz has a special ghostly theme to tie in with Halloween – all the research was done by Kerry Whitehouse at Museums Worcestershire – why not go to the website and try your hand?

Sheena wrote: “The King’s Head is reputed to be haunted by a man that has been nicknamed Sid.

“He rings the bell for time, turns off barrels, tilts pictures and has been seen wearing baggy britches and a leather jerkin.

Worcester News:

“Another Worcester pub, the Ketch Inn, is supposed to be the scene of more spooky goings-on.

“Reported to be haunted by a woman, doors open and close as if someone is walking through them, lights turn on, and dogs refuse to go inside.

“At The Commandery, there have been many reported ghostly goings on here; the staff hear footsteps, sometimes running, a staff member was once physically pushed, but no one’s sure who it might be.

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“Back in one of the city’s bars (there’s a bit of a theme developing here!) Bottles wine bar in Friar Street (not the more recent reincarnation of the name in New Street) was reported to be haunted by a poltergeist; objects moved around, alarms went off and footsteps have been heard.

“Another Friar Street pub is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who was trapped in a burning room, people who have stayed there have reported that the room became unbearably hot.

“Meanwhile, The Talbot Inn claims a cat as its spooky visitor, while the during refurbishments at the Imperial Hotel, workmen’s tools would mysteriously disappear, and one person saw the apparition of a boy down in the cellar.

Worcester News:

“The Barley Mow had a ghost that the old licensee nicknamed Fred. He lived with them quite harmoniously and would move things around, rattle the bottles and turn the gas off!”

And a great one to finish off involves the Guildhall, where visitors have reported sightings of a young boy in the cells. Screams and moans have been heard for many years in the cells by staff and visitors.”

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