NEARLY half of Worcestershire families (47 per cent) say they plan on having a ‘virtual Christmas’ rather than seeing extended family in person over the festive season.

Having spent months in lockdown and following a surge in infections recently, some are beginning to think about Christmas this year. Due to the scale of the coronavirus pandemic and the possibility that social distancing will be implemented well into 2021, could the UK be in store for a not-so-merry Christmas in 2020? conducted a survey of 2,600 respondents on their pandemic predictions for the festive season. Considering a post-pandemic future is largely unpredictable, it is perhaps no wonder that many would prefer to have a celebratory dinner via video call, rather than sitting up close at the dinner table with multiple family members, including those that may be more prone to illness. It seems many Brits have been avid users of video platforms as nearly half (41 per cent) say the extended lockdown has brought them closer to their family. Now more than ever, connecting with a family member from across the country is as simple as pressing a green call button.


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However, having socially distanced for so long also means people are missing the experience of spending quality time in the presence of loved ones. 86 per cent say Christmas is the most difficult time of year to spend without family around. This was followed by New Year (9 per cent), Easter (3 per cent) and Birthdays (2 per cent).

Additionally, given the current state of the economy, half of couples say they will have to start saving earlier in order to buy Christmas gifts this year. Considering many are struggling to make ends meet, it is perhaps understandable why nearly one in five (18 per cent) say they will have to borrow money to cover costs this year. People are willing to breach the law for their loved ones – 29 per cent of survey respondents say they would break the rules to see family if lockdown regulations were imposed again over Christmas.