A FAMILY say they have suffered a nightmare ordeal after their house was flooded due to a blocked toilet.

Victoria and Ian Cowell, from Malvern, contacted housing association Platform Housing Group to fix a blocked toilet.

However, when the plumber arrived, the family were told the pipes were completely blocked and would need Aqua Cleansing to clean out the blockage.

Mrs Cowell claims a worker came out on October 18 and used a toilet plunger to unclog the toilet which then caused dirty water to overflow and flood the bathroom and kitchen.

The mum-of-five, whose youngest child is only six months, said: “My kitchen was ruined by the dirty toilet water. It was covered in poo and urine.

“There was four inches of dirty water in my bathroom and kitchen.”

The next day a maintenance inspector and housing officer visited the family and told them to stay at Malvern Premier Inn, where costs would be paid for, while a cleaner would remove the debris in the house.

Mrs Cowell said the baby steriliser, baby bottles, cooker, tumble dryer, toaster, kettle, microwave, and other electrical appliances have had to be thrown out due to the flood damage.

Mrs Cowell, aged 32, added: “Things at home are very difficult.

"We have five children, money is tight.

“When we returned home, to our surprise all of the bottom cupboards were full of dirty toilet water and we had no food.

“We were told for the first 48 hours we had to use the food bank.

“They have left us with no cooker or washing facilities. They still expect my kids to have cold tinned food.

"All of my baby bottle making items were all damaged.

“It’s just been one big nightmare.

“I feel so sorry for the children. Their lives were turned upside down for seven days.”

Mrs Cowell said her eldest child turned 16 years old on October 19, this was while the family were staying in the hotel.

The upset mum said her son's birthday cake and cards were ruined in the flood.

The Worcester News contacted Platform Housing Group for a comment…