AS I write this the result of the US election was still in the balance, but everything was pointing to a Joe Biden victory.

I was one of those who predicted a Donald Trump defeat at the start of the year, but the fact it was close says a lot for how poor the safe Democrat campaign was.

Their offer to the US public was too weak. For example, in the year of coronavirus, a NHS equivalent is badly needed in the States, yet the Democrats did not offer it.

Those who think that would not be a vote winner should only look at the results of a Fox News poll that showed 72 per cent favoured a government run healthcare system.

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When Biden reaches the magic 270, it would be a surprise now if Trump was to concede.

Assuming Trump doesn't leave without a fight, it will end up in the courts.

His bizarre arguments about postal ballot fraud are gaining no traction in the US media, other than to mock.

But his supporters will follow them and will take to the streets now.

It is all a constitutional mess that has only just begun to play out.