ENGLAND is back in lockdown and the government advice is to stay at home as much as possible.

However, there are a few exceptions to the rule and people can leave their homes to get some outdoor exercise.

Luckily, there are some fantastic walking routes in and around Worcester; following them will keep you active and also let you explore places in the region you might not have visited before.

You can embark on these walks solo, with people you live with, or you can meet up with one other person from another household.

Here are five local walking routes which are perfect to explore on a crisp, autumnal day in lockdown:

Worcester Woods Country Park, Worcester

Worcester News: A path through Nunnery WoodA path through Nunnery Wood

(Photo: Geograph/ Peter Wood)
At this park, there are over 100 acres of woodland to explore and plenty of paths to follow.

The Woodland trail takes you through the ancient Nunnery Wood  Local nature reserve, where there is plenty of natural beauty to explore.

Here, you will find an abundance of wildlife, gnarled trees and a pond.

Best of all, this route is pushchair and wheelchair friendly as there aren’t any gates or stiles to worry about.

Another route is the Meadow Trail which is a little more uneven and difficult to transverse.

This trail takes you across the Hornhill Meadows Local Nature Reserve and orchard.

You can find out more about the park on Worcestershire.gov.uk.

Bewdley River and Railway, Bewdley

This circular walking route is between 4-8 miles long, depending on the route you decide to take.

Starting at Bewdley Station, this route gives you the chance to explore the Severn Valley.

On the route you will find the “hidden gem” Upper Arley Village along with Seckley Wood, which is a site of special scientific interest.

Discover more about this walking route on the Worcestershire government website.

The Water Tower Walk, Droitwich

Worcester News: The Droitwich water towerThe Droitwich water tower

(Photo: Geograph/ Stephen Richards)

If you want to embark on a quick and relatively easy walk, then this could be a great option for you.

It’s around four miles long with gentle slopes in places.

However, the water tower walk can get muddy at times so make sure to save this trek for a sunny day.

Starting at the car park on St Peter’s Church Lane, this route takes you along Cockshute Hill Farm and past the Gaudet Luce Golf Course.

The walk encircles the prominent Droitwich Water Tower which stands on top of Yew Tree Hills

Discover more about this route on the Worcestershire.gov.uk website.

The Hairstreak Butterfly Trail, Grafton Flyford

If you want to spend the majority of your morning exploring the Worcestershire countryside, home to the brown hairstreak butterfly, then this long walk is ideal for you.

It will take over three hours to complete as there are 6.5 miles of ground to cover.

The route begins at Three Parish Hall in Himbleton Village; from there, you will travel through Grafton Wood and Earls Common.

Discover more about this route online.

Hanbury Hall and Gardens, Hanbury

Worcester News: Hanbury HallHanbury Hall

(Photo: Geograph, Chris Allen)

There is a beautiful walking route just half an hour away from Worcester in Hanbury’s parkland.

This trail begins at the hall's stableyard- from there you can explore the historic Semi-Circle.

The 18th century feature is the highest point of the park and was initially constructed to allow people to see distant hills and church steeples.

Find out more about the blue route at Hanbury Park on the National Trust website.