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The majority of questions surround the Worcester Warriors and even how to pronounce the city’s name.

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Where to eat in Worcester?

There are so many fantastic restaurants to dine at in Worcester.

Globe Modern Bistro in Friar Street is a great little bistro in the city and it considered the best place to eat on Tripadvisor.

Worcester News: Globe Modern Bistro (Photo: Google Maps)Globe Modern Bistro (Photo: Google Maps)

If you fancy something quick, Ambleside Fish Bar is a great chippy.

Alternatively, Massalla Lounge on Broad Street is a popular Indian restaurant.

If they don’t deliver, make sure to visit them when lockdown restrictions are lifted.


Are Worcester tips open?

During the first lockdown (which started back in March), rubbish and recycling tips across the country were told to close.

However, they will be open during this November lockdown, but there are certain rules in order to maintain social distancing measures.


Why Worcester University?

Worcester News: University of WorcesterUniversity of Worcester

(Photo: Geograph/ Philip Halling)

There are many reasons why you should consider further education at the University of Worcester.

In 2019, it was ranked number one in the UK for quality education (according to Time Higher Education rankings).

The university is also centrally located with the historic city of  Worcester and just minutes away from the library facilities.

Why is Worcester called The Faithful City?

Worcester gained this title for the role it played during the English Civil War and the steadfast loyalty the city gave to both Charles I and Charles II during the turbulent time.

To this day, the city’s motto is Civitas in Bello et Pace Fidelis, which translates to 'The city faithful in war and in peace'.

Why is Worcester pronounced Wooster?

If you weren’t from here, you might be confused about how to pronounce Worcester.

However, it is one of the anomalies of the English language as you are meant to pronounce the city’s name like ‘Wooster’.

This is similar to any words which ends in cester, such as Leicester.

It is due to the history of the word and how the French and Latin origins overlap and have changed the way we pronounces certain words in the modern day.


What’s Worcester famous for?

It’s hard to pin point just one answer to this question because Worcester is known for a lot of things.

First and foremost is Worcestershire Sauce which was created in the city of Worcester during the first half of the 19th century.

The city’s is also famed for its County Cricket Club as well as the world-renowned Worcester Porcelain.

A lot of famous faces have also come from the city, including Edward Elgar who composed Land of Hope and Glory.


Who owns Worcester Warriors?

Worcester Warriors is currently co-owned by Colin Goldring and Jason Whittingham.

Former club president, Cecil Duckworth, passed away earlier this month at the age of 83.

Who won Worcester election?

The conservative party hold the most seats for Worcester.


When was Worcester founded?

According to Visit Worcester, the city is one of the oldest in the country.

There is evidence of settlements which date right back to 700BC.

When does Worcester parkway open?

Worcester News: Worcestershire Parkway Railway StationWorcestershire Parkway Railway Station

(Photo: Geograph/Chris Allen)

It already has! Worcestershire Parkway Railway Station opened on the 23rd February 2020.

Construction and planning for the railway started way back in 2015.

It is the county’s first new station in over 100 years.

When was Worcester cathedral built?

Worcester News: Worcester CathedralWorcester Cathedral

(Photo: Geograph/Philip Halling)

The history of Worcester Cathedral has its roots in the 7th century, when the Church of St Peter was built some time around 680AD.

The current cathedral, which stands today, was built between 1084 and 1504.


Is Worcester a city?

Yes! It’s a cathedral city. If you’re not from here, you could mistake Worcester for a town.

Is Worcester a nice place to live?

This is a subjective question, but we believe that Worcester is a lovely place to live.

It’s bursting with character, had plenty of history and it’s also home to places of natural beauty and scenic walking routes.