A DRUNKEN nuisance who spat at and tried to punch police has been banned from The Hive and Lowesmoor in Worcester.

Carl Bainbridge has finally been slapped with a three year criminal behaviour order granted at Worcester Magistrates Court this week after police persistence paid off.

The case had been adjourned 12 times, partly due the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the courts and the pest has been convicted of being drunk and disorderly nine times since the application was lodged.

The order prohibits Bainbridge from entering the library in Sawmill Walk but also stipulates that he must not refuse to leave a premises or area when asked by someone who has authority to do so.

Bainbridge, of no fixed abode, must not enter the area of Lowesmoor and Sansome Place or Heenans Court, Worcester and has been given maps which show him clearly where the no go areas are.

The CBO application was submitted by police on the back of a conviction for a public disorder offence he committed on February 4 this year in Farrier Street, Worcester where he was shouting and swearing at people within sight and hearing of members of the public.

He appeared in court the following day and was fined £50. The CBO hearing was adjourned to February 20 for the defence to consider the application. On this date the CBO was adjourned again to March 5 and this time for a contested hearing to take place.

A police spokesman said: "Then lockdown happened and courts shut and the CBO was adjourned a further 12 times. During this time and since the CBO application was submitted back in February, Bainbridge was arrested and convicted at court for being drunk and disorderly nine times and twice for public disorder.

"The CBO application was submitted in February this year, following numerous instances in the previous nine months where Bainbridge was drunk and behaving in an antisocial manner in Worcester city centre, shouting, swearing and causing alarm and distress to members of the public and residents in the area."

We reported in 2018 how police were called to the Homesense store in Worcester on March 10, to a report of a drunk customer having an argument with a manager.

After arriving, offices spoke to Bainbridge who then spat at a police officer in front of families including small children.A charge of failing to attend Worcester Magistrates Court on December 5, when the proceedings were originally scheduled to take place, was dropped.

Last year we reported how the 34-year-old pleaded guilty to stealing a phone charger valued at £13.98 and cider worth £2.99 from a B&M Bargains store.

In 2017 we reported how the persistent offender was given a suspended sentence after swearing and assaulting a police officer.

He pushed and attempted to punch a police community support officer after he was asked to leave Lowesmoor, in Worcester.

The incident happened on Sunday, February 26, 2017 after two officers advised Bainbridge not to drink in an alcohol controlled zone.