THE debate over whether there should be a Christmas amnesty from Covid restrictions for a few days has split city residents.

The government has said proposals to ease restrictions over Christmas will be set out next week, but scientists have said that for every day measures are eased, five days of tighter restrictions would be needed.

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Robin Walker MP said on his plans: “I’m one of five children and I can’t envisage a situation in which we all will be able to get together with our mother this year, whatever the arrangements. I think our normal family Christmas is unlikely to be able to go ahead. I think the government will need to take into account all the considerations. I think we need to recognise people have had a very tough year and it’s right families should be able to get together as safely as possible. But it is about striking the right balance.”

Peter Pinfield, chairman of patients group Healthwatch Worcestershire, said all year he had stayed at home going only as far as a local shop once a week, and urged the government to be cautious now.

“I’m not sure if opening up the country for four or five days over Christmas is the right thing to do,” he said.

“There should be something but if we do it too long we will just find ourselves locked down even longer in January.

“Lockdown this time of year is tough for anyone, their mental health suffers.

“And I have sympathy for those who want a Christmas with family.

“But if it’s five days (of restrictions lifted) the penalty we pay for that in virus transmission, its just not worth it.”

We asked Worcester News readers for their views and were inundated with comments.

Rob Young said: “You can still celebrate Christmas - just do it in a scaled down sensible manner in order to protect your loved ones.”

Rosie Furlong said: “People will do it whatever, so control it. Christmas Day and Boxing Day, but still have a number. I don’t know, say eight family members.”

Mandy Rayner said: “It can’t be the same. This Christmas we need to be thankful we are here and feel for those who are not.”

Bev Boother said: “A quiet Christmas at home is fine. We can’t afford anymore lockdown.”

Rob Guest said: “I can’t see many people adhering to restrictions over Christmas whether they’re there or not.”