ONE new case has been confirmed at a city care home.

A resident of St Stephen's Care Home has tested positive for coronavirus bringing the total number of cases to 57.

34 residents and 23 staff have now tested positive for the virus at the care home on Droitwich Road.

At the beginning of the outbreak in October there were 45 residents and 50 members of staff.

Three residents died after the mass coronavirus outbreak and ‘a number of residents remain unwell.’

A spokesman for Worcestershire County Council said: "This is a serious situation and we are continuing to support St Stephen's to manage the outbreak. As part of our response, Public Health in Worcestershire has worked with Public Health England to investigate what has happened. This is a standard procedure.

"A care home is a high risk setting, with vulnerable people and we know Covid-19 is highly infectious in such closed settings. That is why is care homes are a key priority for our outbreak control plan in the county.

"The home are receiving regular contact from specialist infection prevention and control staff, and have support available 24 hours a day, should it be needed.

"All staff and residents are being closely monitored for symptoms and testing of symptomatic individuals is available as necessary. The home continues to participate in the routine testing of staff and residents.

"Sadly, three people have died in this outbreak and we recognise the distress and upset this will cause. Our thoughts are with those who have lost their loved ones.

"A number of residents remain unwell and are being closely monitored. This means the toll of this outbreak could worsen. Care homes look after vulnerable people who are at greater risk of the disease. We know that age and other illnesses make a person far more likely to become poorly and seriously ill with Covid-19.

"This is why we ask everyone in Worcestershire to play their part, and follow all the guidance on hand washing, face coverings and keeping a distance."