THE GOVERNMENT’S plans to allow households to mix over Christmas but not in pubs and restaurants has left city landlords feeling 'shafted.'

It was announced up to three households can mix at home during the festive period on Tuesday as the government announced a five-day loosening of coronavirus restrictions.

However, according to the latest Government guidance, Christmas bubbles will still not be able to mix in pubs or restaurants where rules will still depend on which tier each venue is in.

Joe Ensor, who owns The Dragon Inn on the Tything, says he can't help but feel 'shafted without any justification.'

Mr Ensor said: "If we're lucky, we'll be tier one and we can operate pretty much as we were before, not ideal but manageable. If we're unlucky we'll be in tier three and won't be able to operate, but at least we'd be in the same boat as the rest of the local hospitality, if we're really unlucky we'll be in tier two and will have to think up a way of becoming a temporary restaurant just so our customers can enjoy a pint.

"If they've eaten here they'll be unlikely to for a meal afterwards at another local business as they usually would or perhaps they'll go for that meal and not to us at all.

"If we're really really unlucky we'll be moved from tier to tier perhaps having invested time and money in becoming a restaurant only to be closed down completely or it all being for nothing.

"We will do what we can to stay open and we will do it well as we always do but it does feel like we've been shafted without any justification."

Sue Law, owner of the Holt Fleet in Holt Heath said the news will have 'a huge impact' on trade in December.

She said: "It will of course have a huge impact on us in December. Families of the same household only to dine inside makes a lot of difference over the festive period

The pods are outside so I’m hoping it’s not affected. They only seat 4 or 6 and Father Christmas will be allowed out in the fresh air.

"But all this will impact not just us but our team of staff. There will be less hours as we won’t be as busy and they will relying on furlough again, when we hoped to be back to full steam ahead.

"Again hospitality is the one targeted. So many businesses will not make 2021 at this rate!"