READERS have criticised the county council for urging crowds of walkers not to gather at local beauty spots - despite Cllr Lucy Hodgson visiting a castle in another county earlier this month.

Readers were quick to share their thoughts on the matter.

One wrote: “It certainly doesn’t help when the councillor with responsibility for communities at the county council, Lucy Hodgson - who also happens to be district councillor for West Malvern - sets a bad example by driving 100 miles for a walk around Kenilworth Castle.

“Does anyone know whether the county has looked into this yet? Or is it yet another do as I say, not as I do example from those the public keep electing to serve us.”

Another said: “This is total nonsense. If people want to have a socially distanced walk on the Malvern Hills, let them have a socially distanced walk on the Malvern Hills. It is good to exercise for mental and physical health.

“Enough already.”

A Worcestershire County Council spokesman said: “Over the weekend there were problems with parking and traffic congestion in some areas and reports of people not keeping to guidelines on social distancing. This issue is about people going to busy, congested areas for their outdoor exercise. Our advice is that if people find a place busy they should go somewhere else to avoid problems.”

“We can confirm that Cllr Hodgson referred herself to the Standards and Ethics Committee.

The matter was considered and no further action will be taken.”