SIR – You wrote about Councillor Karen May and the Director Health lecturing to us like we are schoolchildren about too many people using our common open spaces (Malvern Hills walkers reminded of lockdown).

I wonder if Karen May or any other county councillor went to see the people taking much-needed exercise on the Common Land in question.

It’s our land and we have a right to roam on it. If we don’t know about how viruses spread by now, when will we? It’s windy up on The Beacon!

The comments made by Cllr May and the Director of Health are almost Trumpian in their complete absence of evidence.

These politicians and senior officers are meant to to protect us and look after our health. Their comments are mindless, baseless and worthy of only disregard.

I’ve been on the Hills and on Pitchcroft frequently. It’s great to see so many people walking, running, scooting and cycling. I saw many people, all acting very responsibly.

Councillors! Don’t you have anything better to do?