A SCHOOL has been accused of not being covid-secure by a parent.

The parent of a child at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Malvern, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I feel that St Joseph’s Catholic School in Malvern is not covid safe.

“There is a confirmed case of covid in one of the staff members in the nursery, however staff from the nursery and children from the nursery have been mixing with other children in different year groups, so they are not keeping class bubbles.

“Children are together eating at lunch and not eating in their class bubbles. I’ve also heard that the nursery will not be cleaned for two weeks.

“They are also short staffed cleaning-wise, and there is no additional cleaning through the day and windows aren’t open to ventilate the rooms.

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“I was told at the beginning of term that there would be no after school care and yet there is and the kids from all year groups are mixing.

“The school seem to say one thing but then do the opposite and not follow the government guidelines.”

In response, Cllr Marcus Hart, cabinet member with responsibility for education and skills said: “All schools across Worcestershire, including St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Malvern, were required to undertake a COVID-19 risk assessment to prepare for opening this term.

“These assessments outline the way measures have been tailored to a school’s individual environment to prevent whole bubbles being collapsed unnecessarily and allowing the school to remain open.

“The assessment explores how social distancing can be maintained and explores a school’s proposed bubble arrangements, this helps reduce the mixing of children and the number of other direct/close contacts.

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“We are continuing to work with schools across the county to help ensure all assessment protocols are followed, contact tracing is carried out and all preventative measures remain in place whilst minimising the educational impact on pupils.

“Throughout the term, we have ensured all schools have contacted any pupils and staff who are identified as close contacts to advise them to stay at home and self-isolate to help stop the spread of the virus. For any pupils required to self-isolate they are being supported to continue their learning through remote access.

“Guidance is being provided to all schools on the benefits of increasing ventilation with fresh air and maintaining a comfortable temperature so that effective teaching can still take place.

“Schools have put in place additional measures including rigorous cleaning routines to ensure the safety of students and staff.

“If a parent has a particular issue with the school about an individual circumstance, I would encourage them to discuss this matter with the Headteacher.”