AN ELDERLY resident says the 18 broken streetlamps near his home in Diglis will cause a serious accident if they are not mended soon.

Rod Sanders, 72, says he has been reporting the broken street lamps to the council for a year and has gotten nowhere.

He said: “Last year three street lights on Crossley Road stopped working and so I went along to the council office, then located in The Hive, to report it.

“Myself and three of my neighbours must have gone down about three times to complain but nothing was ever fixed.

“In the last 12 months the broken street lights have increased from three to 18.

"Now, from my address in Crossley Road right the way up to what used to be The Albion pub is pretty much pitch black. I would say only 10 percent of the street lights actually work.

“We have been emailing the council this month and have as yet had no response at all.”

Mr Sanders says he is concerned for the safety of the residents in Diglis.

He said: “It is pitch black after 5pm. There is most definitely a risk to people’s safety. Somebody is going to fall and break their neck.

"It is a nightmare. Most of us around here are older and some use walking sticks and things, it is an accident waiting to happen.

“Not to mention the fact that crime could also increase. To get to the entrance of my flat we use a walk way and it is so dark anyone could be hiding there.”

The streetlamps in this area are the responsibility of Worcestershire Highways. The Worcester News contacted Worcestershire County Council for a comment regarding Mr Sanders complaint but nobody replied before our deadline.