A WOMAN from Worcester has helped raise £7,000 for charity after donating all of the sales from her homemade face masks.

Carol Pratt was put on furlough from her job at Acorn's Children's charity on April 7, and with the help of her dad, mum and sister, spent her time making creating face masks.

Carol said: "I started off doing some shopping for my parents who were shielding, and I asked my mum who sewed to make me a few.

"My aunty asked for some so we thought why don't we try to sell them and raise a bit of money for charity, and it got a bit out of hand."

£2.5k of the money raised has been donated to the Worcester-based charity, the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust , with £500 going to the Royal British Legion.

The rest of the money has been distributed to various charities.

Carol is currently making Christmas-themed face masks.

To buy one, email @carol.pratt.256@gmail.com