A COUPLE from Worcester claim they have been unfairly fined in a city car park.

Michael and Sue Warner received a fine from Euro Car Parks saying they had overstayed the two hour limit whilst visiting The Range in Hylton Road, St John’s.

However, the pair say they did not overstay the limit but in fact returned to the car park on two separate occasions on the same day.

Mr Warner, 65, said: “I am really angry. I was gobsmacked when the fine came through. They wanted me to pay £100 and I thought there is no way I am paying that. We know we haven’t done anything wrong.

“We visited The Range back in May, went home and then returned to the retail park again later on to return something we no longer wanted.

“The camera has obviously missed the part where we left and came back again.

“Since then I have emailed Euro Car Parks telling them to check the cameras and they point blank refuse.

“All I get from them is a link telling me how to pay the fine. We have gone back and forth and now the fine has risen to £170.

“I am so angry they have done this without justification. It is putting unnecessary strain on my wife who gets anxious about these things.

“I just wish they would take me to court so they can then try and prove we stayed in the car park for three hours, because they would struggle, as that is not what happened.

“They are sending out these automatic fines with no regards for the consequences.

“I know I am not the only one to have had something like this happen. It’s a disgrace that some people end up paying the fines they didn’t deserve to receive just to get the company off their backs.

“I want to expose the company. It is wrong what they are doing.”

When Worcester News approached Euro Car Parks about the fine received by Mr and Mrs Warner, we did not get a response.