A COUNCILLOR has called for an independent investigation into ongoing roadworks as he believes the scheme has been blighted by ‘multiple failings’.

Worcestershire county councillor for St John’s, Richard Udall, has complained about the roadworks in his ward.

He said: “The roadworks which started in June have still not been completed, we have just been informed they will be returning in the new year and could last another three months. It’s extremely frustrating for St John’s traders and residents, especially when they see so little happening and are suffering maximum disruption.

“These works have been imposed upon us, no discussion, no consultation and no consideration. Shops have reported losing up to 40 per cent of expected trade, buses have been diverted away from St John’s and the economic calamity caused by long traffic jams and congestion is causing much distress.

“Local residential roads have been used as rat runs, overnight working has kept people awake and the water supply has even been cut off to shops.

“To add insult to injury, footpaths have been narrowed and people claim the new pedestrian crossings are dangerous. Disabled residents have complained about the new block paving on the footpaths and, really frustratingly, residents and traders both report very little work actually taking place.

“St John’s is paying a heavy price for this imposition and we see very little benefit."

Cllr Udall claimed the county council had failed to answer his questions on the roadworks issues.

“An independent investigation into the scheme and its multiple failings needs to take place," he added. "No other community should suffer like St John’s, the lessons need to be learned”.

When the Worcester News contacted the Worcestershire county councillor with responsibility for highways, Alan Amos, he said: “We are saying nothing on this matter.”

The first phase of the congestion relief work was set to be completed by the end of November, with a break being taken over the Christmas.

Throughout December, the majority of traffic management obstacles will be removed until the works restart in January.