PEOPLE will still be able to enjoy a pint at a city pub - as long as they order their supper from the chippy next door.

The ingenious plan is the brainchild of two St John's business owners who will temporarily work together while the city is under tier two Covid-19 restrictions.

Mark and Debie Daniels, of The Brewers Arms, which has no kitchen, decided to partner with Nick Zipiti of St John’s Fish Bar, after the government ruled pubs must sell and provide a substantial meal in order to trade.

The pub will operate around the chip shop's usual hours and customers will be asked to order food at the bar before being able to buy a drink.

Mr Daniels said: “We have been here for twelve years now and have got to know Nick very well. We had a chat and came up with the idea to allow patrons to order food from the chippy and eat it here so they can have a drink.

"The chip shop is just next door and our regulars used to eat their chips in here anyway.

“This partnership has allowed us to open again as we do not have a kitchen on site. We went to the council and they were impressed with the idea and allowed us to operate in this way for now. I am really pleased.

“We are very much a community pub, some of the old boys who come here don’t have anyone else. A few hours in the pub each day is the only social interaction they get.”

St John’s County Councillor Richard Udall welcomed co-operation between two local businesses.

He said: “This is brilliant, two good strong local businesses, working together in co-operation, to help each other and to provide a local service. In St John’s we have the local businesses who will fight for survival during these difficult times, they deserve our support. They have shown the enterprising spirit and ingenuity to come together, they realise that by the strength of their common endeavours they can achieve more than they could by working alone.”

The businesses in neighbouring Comer Road and Lambert Road will be open from 12-3pm and 5-10pm every day except Sunday.