TWO mothers were left appalled after discovering items were missing from their children's graves.

Families reported statues and personal items had disappeared from three graves in a Worcester cemetery.

One heartbroken mother said a large concrete statue of Peter Rabbit is missing from her infant son’s grave. While two other graves, belonging to the same family, appeared to have been targeted.

A necklace placed on the grave of Marlon Vella, who died earlier this year, was reported missing and a Mickey Mouse statue had also been removed from his infant brother, Logan Parkinson's grave.

Tara Louise Sampson said: “I went to Charlie’s grave on Tuesday and realised someone has stolen his Peter Rabbit and the baby boy in the next grave had his Micky Mouse stolen.

“I’m feeling very angry that a human being could do this. We are all just shocked. Both families are.

“Me and the mum of the other baby boy are very close and we just think they are vile people and they must have had a car as these ornaments weigh a tonne. It is really disturbing.”

The Vella family have shared their disgust at the thefts on Facebook. Mr Vella was killed in a crash on Primsland Way in Droitwich in April, after the Yamaha scooter he had been riding crashed into a tree.

Marlon and Logan’s mother Julie Howard said: “It was Logan’s 11th birthday on Tuesday so I went to take his flowers and noticed the big Mickey Mouse had gone along with a teddy bear and some other small items. I have another son Marlon in the same cemetery, he’s also had items stolen from his grave. It’s heartbreaking and disgusting that anyone would steal from a dead person.”

The thefts were reported to Doug Henderson, the manager of Astwood Cemetery in Tintern Avenue.

He said: “We are, of course, not happy that these thefts have taken place. It is hard to believe any person would think it was OK to take things from graves, let alone the graves of children.

"It is very sad and I am surprised people feel comfortable doing such a thing.

“We have asked all of our grounds staff to stay vigilant and keep an eye out for any suspicious persons, but it is very challenging.

"We do not have CCTV in all areas of the cemetery and, with it getting darker earlier, it is difficult.

“We have told the families to report it to the police so that they can up patrols in the area at night. We are doing all we can to prevent this from happening again.”

Inspector Fergus Green from Worcester police station added: “Although at this time we have not had any crimes reported to us regarding this incident, we understand how distressing this will be for the family and friends affected by this heartless crime.

“We would appeal for anyone with information to report it to us, so that it can be investigated.”