AN alleged child abuse victim says he was still in nappies when a ‘paedophile’ babysitter began molesting him.He bit his babysitter’s genitals during one of the assaults.

One of the alleged abuse victims gave evidence from behind a screen at Worcester Crown Court yesterday at the trial of Simon Clancy, accused of a string of sex offences against three boys in the early 1990s.

The 45-year-old defendant, formerly of Teme Road, Tolladine, denies 10 counts of child sexual offences alleged to have taken place between January and November 1992 against the boys, aged four, seven and eight at the time. The complainant described a sexual assault which happened ‘more than twice’ and said he was ‘broken at the time’ he told police about the assaults in October 2018.

He told the jury he kept seeing Clancy in the street and had seen him working in JD Sports in Worcester (the defendant denies working there). The complainant was asked by Richard Barlow, for Clancy, if he had seen an article about Clancy’s previous offences against children in the Worcester News the same month he reported the alleged abuse. The witness said: “I have seen lots of articles about Simon. He’s a repeat offender.”

He added: “It has been public knowledge for years.”

The complainant said he had suffered suffered flashbacks for 28 years which was the main reason he came forward. He had not wanted to tell people about what he suffered because it was embarrassing although he believes he may have told his brother.

“It’s part of my life I have tried my hardest to blank” he said. At one stage he was asked if he was still wearing nappies when the abuse took place and he replied: “I believe so, yeah.”

He described what happened as ‘horrible’ but said he was scared to tell his mum, telling the jury he bit Clancy’s genitals during one assault and the defendant slapped him in the face. “Did you cause any injury” asked Mr Barlow. The alleged victim replied: “I hope so.” The trial continues.