THERE have been 103 coronavirus cases at University of Worcester in the last three months - less than one percent of the student and staff population.

The number was revealed thanks to a freedom of information request, which we submitted after the university initially declined to say how many students and staff had tested positive.

Gemma Harris, information governance officer at the university, confirmed the 103 cases which covers the period between August 1 and November 5.

She said: “The total number of all confirmed Covid-19 cases (staff and student) that were reported to the University in this 97 day period is 103. The combined University staff and student population exceeds 12,000.

“According to government data approximately 2.3 percent of the UK population has tested positive to date. As of November 5 the rate at the University of Worcester was less than one percent.

“Please note that these 103 cases include a significant proportion where the individual resides at a considerable distance from Worcester and/or had not been on a University campus in the immediately preceding period.”

Professor David Green, the university's vice chancellor and chief executive, insists the institution is still a ‘coronavirus cold spot.’

He said: “At the University of Worcester we are now in the twelfth week of teaching. In all this time there has not been a single outbreak or case cluster and no evidence of any on-campus transmission whatsoever among either staff or students.

“Thanks to the highly responsible conduct of the overwhelming majority of students and staff at the university, our actions have resulted in the University of Worcester continuing to be a coronavirus cold spot as well as being an educational hotspot.

“However, we are not complacent in any way and we continue to work very closely with Public Health colleagues and to do all we can together to reduce Covid-19 transmission while continuing our vital education work."