IT'S been so long since we had one so could this finally be the year it happens?

After a miserable 2020 surely we all are, as the old song goes, dreaming of a white Christmas to put a smile on our faces.

But I'm going one further this year - betting on it to happen - which hopefully guarantees it comes true for the first time in nearly four decades.

The last time there was thick ground snow in the county on Christmas Day was in 1981, when temperatures plummeted over the festive period to a freezing -17.5C.

In the years since the county has seen patchy snow on the day, particularly 1995, but nothing like the traditional Christmas Card picture.

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And we have of course seen heavy snow in recent winters - the snow chaos of December 2017, and of course the Beast from the East storm of 2018.

So could this be the year we see the white stuff fall on the big day?

At the moment forecasters are saying, due to the changeable conditions after December 22, their confidence is low in their forecast but predict wintry showers "could be possible".

I approached bookmakers for snow failing in Worcester on December 25, and Paddy Power offered 6/1.

However Betfred went one better, offering 7/1, which I took.

Peter Spencer, from the bookmaker, said: "Last month it was 5/1 at Betfred it would snow on Christmas Day in Worcester but today it is 7/1.

"There has been an upsurge in betting in this market generally with people wanting to lift their spirits after such a grim year."