A MUM says her family were “cold, tired and frustrated” after being left with no electricity or heating, and only cold water, for more than 24 hours.

Lou Evatt says she was chasing for updates hourly after the power went out at her home in Dormouse Fields, Droitwich on Bank Holiday Monday (December 28).

The mum said: “It went off noon on Monday, and we reported it.

“There were about 10 houses affected. The engineer came out 7pm that night. He said they had to dig, but because some residents didn’t like the banging and complained they had to go off site.

“They came back 10am on Tuesday.

“We had power for about an hour-and-a-half, but it went back off again with even more houses affected.

“As we are a Persimmon development, the houses here are not adopted so come under their supplier ESB Energy.

“They are on Christmas hours, we can’t get through to anyone. Nobody will help us, nobody will tell us what is going on. We requested a temporary generator, still nothing has turned up.

“It has been snowing - you just think it’s the 21st century, we should not have to go through this.

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“The minute we lost power, we lost heating. We are wearing dressing gowns, sat under duvets, we have got candles. All our food has gone off. No hot food, no hot drink. We can’t have showers because there is no hot water.

"It’s ridiculous. This is my one week off of the year, and I’ve spent it freezing cold in a dark lounge with the kids climbing the walls.”

On Wednesday afternoon the 43-year-old said the power had returned overnight, but said she feared it could go out again.

Mrs Evatt added: “When it came back we phoned and said ‘is it on for good this time?’, but they couldn’t give us an update. I’m hoping as it has been on it will stay on now. But there has been no communication with us.”

ESB Energy were not available for comment before our deadline.