WORK on a controversial road improvement scheme in Worcester is continuing following a Christmas break.

The St John’s road scheme, which has been widely criticised by residents, is back underway.

Phase two of the scheme includes drainage and utility work on the south side of the A44, and improving the Bromyard Road and St John’s traffic signal junction, with controls being changed to increase efficiency.

Also included are improved pedestrian crossing, improved road markings and roadside drainage and kerbing.

The road will also be widened for two lanes up to the Bromyard Road junction, with the traffic island being removed.

Phase two of the work is expected to last until March 2021, including the removal of the old A44 traffic island just west of the Henwick Road junction to allow the area to have two continuous lanes of traffic travelling towards the west.

Another plan is for the removal of the narrowing pinch point as traffic travels from New Rd/Bromwich Rd into St John’s where the kerbing/footway can be altered to allow two side-by-side lanes to continue up the hill and through the area.

Traders and residents had said the roadworks were disruptive.