A TENANT says he is sick to death of people using the entry way into his city centre flat as a toilet.

The resident on All Saints Road in Worcester wishes to remain anonymous over fear of retribution but he says he is at the end of his tether with the human excrement and vomit in the shared entry way.

He said: “It is absolutely vile. There has been poo in the shared entrance of the flats for at least a week. I have found poo, wee, vomit and used needles in there.

"It is obviously horrendous to have to walk through to get in and out of my home.

“I have spoken to the landlord about it but it is still there, someone looks like they have placed a brick over it, but it hasn’t been cleaned.

"In this day and age it is a health hazard, there are all sorts of disgusting germs in human waste and the entry way isn’t far from a communal kitchen.

“I have also been to the police over the years and myself and other tenants have tried the council but nobody seems to be bothered.”

When the Worcester News contacted the landlord, Ian Perks, he told us ‘feral people’ who are ‘no better than animals’ have been using the area as a toilet for years.

He said: “I have owned some of the flats for 40 years and there has always been an issue with human excrement and vomit.

"It happens everywhere in the city, if you go down The Butts you will see poo everywhere. People are disgusting feral animals and they need to be stopped. They’re pigs.

"But, what can I do? Years ago I videoed someone in the act and took it to the police - they just said there was nothing they could do.

“I have organised for the entrance to be cleaned that is all I can do.

"The animals that used the alley and the stairs as a human toilet need to be punished.”

A spokesman for Worcester City Council said: "The responsibility of clearing up the waste lies with the landlord as it is private property and not a public right of way."