A POPULAR city baker has spoken of his awe of the GP staff who gave his 85-year-old mother the covid-19 vaccine.

Sam Barriscale of Ma's Baker in Warndon took Ma herself, Rosemary Barriscale, to Haresfield Surgery for the Pfizer vaccine on the weekend.

He said: "I was so impressed by the whole thing, the staff were absolutely brilliant whilst also being highly efficient. I took mum who is 85 for her appointment at the surgery on Saturday afternoon.

"When we arrived there was a long queue and I was initially a little concerned, I didn't want mum waiting around in the cold.

Worcester News:

"Unfortunately there was no wheelchairs available as the last one had been stolen from the surgery, but, staff allowed me to wait in the queue for mum whilst she stayed in the car, which was great.

"It took no time at all, the staff were so efficient the queue moved really fast and as soon as we got mum in the building we were seen by a doctor. He asked mum if she had any allergies and then she was given the jab. We arrived at 3pm and were home by 3:40pm.

"The GP staff were absolutely brilliant, they managed to be kind and gentle with the elderly whilst also being professional and efficient.

"I really am so grateful for how they were with mum, they were obviously in a rush but they were so lovely and created a really warm environment.

"She hasn't been out of the house since March, we have been so careful throughout this whole thing. She has osteoarthritis but is otherwise mentally and physically well, it is such a relief to me that she is on the way to being protected from the virus. We have kept apart, I always wear PPE when I go to check on her and we never hug. We didn't celebrate Christmas together as we felt it would be foolish to undo all the hard work we had put in as a family.

"Now mum, although a little apprehensive about the vaccine at first, will be 80 percent protected from the virus and fully protected when she has the second jab. It is a huge relief for me that she is protecting herself.

"She has had no side effects from the jab and is safe and well at home. I would once again like to thank the staff, they really were wonderful."

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